Security platforms that make your products work as one

Your enterprise security systems working as one team

When your cybersecurity solutions automatically coordinate, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other, you gain faster, more proactive, and smarter threat detection and incident response.

Orchestrating Security

Beyond machine learning: the human-machine team to stop attacks

Keeping up with the volume of escalating threats takes a mighty team. Neither humans alone nor machines are up to the task. It takes a team of humans and machines, learning from and informing each other—and working as one.

Machine Learning & AI

Make cloud the most secure environment for IT

Data and applications moving to the cloud increase your potential exposure to threats. End-to-end security from device to cloud transforms that risk to business acceleration.

Cloud Security

Are You Prepared for GDPR?

Put in place the processes and data security technologies you need to help meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Explore our security solutions by

Cloud Security

McAfee provides a consolidated approach to your cloud and data center transformation with full visibility and control that reaches all corners of your hybrid infrastructure. From physical to virtual to cloud, including private and public clouds, our connected architecture orchestrates technologies to help simplify your security operations.

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Device Security

With our device security solution, organizations can combat emerging threats, defeat the unknown, and radically simplify security operations.

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Pervasive Data Protection

Gain visibility into where users are going online, what applications they’re using, and the associated risks so you can take steps to secure their data. Our integrated and scalable security platform protects every piece of your company’s data whether it’s in the data center, on the cloud, at endpoints, or anywhere in between.

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Intelligent Security Operations

Our closed-loop threat defense lifecycle framework helps identify gaps, optimize security systems, and mature security operations centers.

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Embedded Security

With our embedded security technology, manufacturers build security directly into their products and devices, providing an integrated defense against cyberthreats and attacks.

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Data Exchange Layer

Our open communications fabric provides a secure, real-time way to unite data and actions across multiple applications from different vendors, connecting security solutions and driving collaboration among your products.

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Financial Services

Leveraging new cloud security, machine learning, and user behavior monitoring technologies, McAfee is working to drive security integration, simplification, and streamlined management for financial services firms of all sizes.

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McAfee solutions for healthcare organizations help protect integrated medical devices, enable the secure use of shared machines and workstations, control identity management data, and support workloads in the cloud.

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Security solutions perspectives


Groundbreaking Threat Intelligence Advancements from McAfee Labs

Learn how McAfee Labs Cloud Intelligence provides a broad set of actionable data to combat adversaries on multiple fronts.

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How Collaboration Can Optimize Security Operations

The answer to today’s security skill shortage and advanced threat preparedness is within your organization—harnessing your current people, processes, and technologies to overcome the cybersecurity skills shortage.

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Safeguarding Vital Data Is a Battle You Can Win

With a comprehensive data protection strategy that extends from the core of your business to the cloud and beyond, you can defend against threats to your data.

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